Future Experiences Part I

exploring nomadic and urban cultures

Speculative, worldbuilding, group project, exhibition
Glasgow School of Art
Future Experiences Part I
This was our WIP show exhibition setup.
Imagine a future world where nomadic communities travel the world and live regeneratively off the land, with urban communities dealing in complex resources... This group project is about the symbiosis between these communities and our group theme was Global Economies.

Both sides of our exhibition show the two sides of this future world - one being characterised by movement and travelling as remote working begins to become mainstream, what's to stop us from living in vans and living off the land? And then there's the urban city dwellers, focusing more on complex resources and responsible for industry.

We designed several speculative artifacts in an exhibition to show how trade, commerce and culture would manifest in this future world, including items like hydroponic growing devices for both the caravan and urban dwellers, a meat 3D printer for lab grown meat for the city, and fashion magazines on both sides to show how fashion culture was affected by the travelling cycles of the communities. I also designed a series of "Harvest Rave" posters to show how there would be a future culture of celebrating the harvest time in the cities through a subculture of eco-punks. We used Midjourney for most of the photorealistic imagery, and I printed polaroids to show the correspondence between the city and the travelling community. I was in charge of most of the "set dressing" for this exhibition.

To view part II of this project, which is my individual project spin-off, click here.

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