Future Experiences Part II

the travelling guild of foraging furriers

Speculative design, service design, fashion
Glasgow School of Art
Future Experiences Part II

To view part I of this project, click here. For part II of this project, my individual project involved designing a new service and profession of foraging furrier. These furriers would be registered with a guild, much like the old trappers and tanners' guilds of medieval times - I wanted to pay homage to these centuries-old trades but recontextualise them in a future context where remote working and van life is the norm for many, and with it the narrative of sustainability and foraging for natural wild resources to use.

Created a fake fashion magazine (scroll down to view) as a speculative artifact to show what our future of fashion could look like, with the travellers being looked to for fashion inspiration as they bring the latest trends from faraway lands with them. I wanted to emphasize in my concept the idea that fashion trends are inherently cyclical, and the travelling schedule of renting and circulating second-hand clothing through society would benefit not only the traders economically, but also the consumers who have the pleasure of being able to cycle through trends without having to deal with the negative impact of fast fashion buying.

As my primary speculative artifact, I modified an existing unlined black denim jacket to add more cold-weather functionality and to make it look repaired and well loved. The idea was that the bandana repair patches would be added in as the jacket wore holes in heavy-wear areas, and these were added in by hand stitching the patches on. The flannel and cotton lining (scraps from my stash) which I sewed to the edges of the denim placket with a blind hem stitch, added insulation that extended its use into the winter months, as previously it would have only been suitable for use in summer. The detachable fur collar (scrap sheepskin) was also for warmth, and as I still continue to use this jacket, I can personally attest to its additional warmth!

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